UC Training Module 5.1

Our Module 5.1 consists of pandemic-hit online portion held in June 2020 and post-pandemic onsite event which will be held as soon as situation allows. The Module is hosted by the UC Team at St Antony´s College, University of Oxford. The theme of the event is Russia and the West in the New World Order.

UC Fellows:  Zulfiyya Abdurahimova-Carberry, Ivan Bocharov, Alexander Davydov, Anna J.Davidson, Julia Ellings, Sophia Freuden, Marc Friedli, Natalie Hall, Anna Osetrova, Elena Ruxandra Seniuc, Lev Sokolshchik, Grady Vaughan

Visiting Professor:

Dr Dmitry Trenin


Guest Speaker:

Prof. Robert Legvold