What is the University Consortium?

Three Concentric Circles Reinforcing Each Other

In the centre of the structure are the UC's core member universities. They together conduct joint training and collaborative education about Russia-US-Europe relations and security policies. Their academics and students form the core of the UC network.

The second ring represents the UC's partner academic institutions located across our regions. Their scholars join the UC network and they participate in our events as speakers. We invite their students to become our student UC Fellows and join the student network of the University Consortium. This ring extends and amplifies the UC's educational reach beyond our core universities and enriches our senior network of experts and scholars.

The third ring represents think-tanks and current and former officials who participate in our events. They join the UC community, participate as speakers at our events, and engage in discussion with their academic counterparts and student Fellows. The third ring is intended to bridge the gap between the academic world of our two central circles and the policy-making world outside the UC.

Support for this initiative was provided by a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York