What is the University Consortium?

Our activites

Our modules are seven-night trips for 10-12 UC Fellows, together with one or two visiting faculty members to one of our core-member institutions to pursue inter-regional teaching, learning, and research. We offer two modules per year, one in the fall/winter and one in the spring/summer. Our students (called the UC Fellows), along with students and faculty from the host institution, participate in short courses and seminars that tackle difficult issues dividing Russia, Europe and the US. The point of the module is not only to immerse UC Fellows in the intellectual culture of the host institution’s country, stimulating him/her to investigate and understand other perspectives from direct or primary sources, but also to facilitate the student’s own research and networking. Equally important, we aim to socialise our inter-regional cohort of Fellows with one another and build relationships that will last.

Once a year the UC organizes a conference in one of our three regions. The conferences provide important opportunities for exposure, immersion, and dialogue among scholars and students from Russia, Europe, and the US. They provide important momentum for faculty from our core and partner universities to engage in constructive discussion, which builds mutual trust and strengthens the sense of community within our UC network. These scholars are joined by think-tank experts and officials (former and current), who participate actively in the programme and discuss current trends and problems in Russia-West relations and identify potential policy prescriptions. Groups of UC Fellows are invited to the UC’s Annual Conference and are encouraged to network and participate actively in all conference discussions.

This UC programme focuses on strengthening the internal capacity of each core-member university. At the discretion of that university’s UC Principal, funding is allocated to support outside speakers, intra-university student workshops, and student-organized conferences about problems and issues of concern to relations among Russia, the EU, and the US.

In the upcoming months, we will launch several new and exciting online features, which will help UC members stay in touch, continue their dialogue between events, and publish online—all of which is aimed at furthering UC efforts to promote constructive engagement and better mutual understanding among our countries. 

Support for this initiative was provided by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York