UC Training Module 5.2

Pre-Module online event; 11-13 February 2021, Harriman Institute, Columbia University

Our Module 5.2 consists of pandemic-hit online portion held in February and post-pandemic onsite event which will be held as soon as situation allows. The Module is hosted by our Principal Alexander Cooley at Harriman Institute, Columbia University. The theme of the event is Global Governance and Its Discontents.

UC Fellows: Patrick Ambrogio, Yulia Belous, Philipp Dietrich, Brice Gilliard, Gabriella Blanca Gonzalez, Darya Kheyrie, Alexandr Kurbatov, Nikita Lipunov, Lucy Minicozzi-Wheeland, Eva Seye, Philip Wolters

Visiting Professor:

Timothy Colton


Henry Farrel

Ivan Krastev

Abraham Newman

Yulia Nikitina

Ivan Timofeev